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disney x harry potter is very important to me

still not over how perfect the sorting is

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I really don’t understand. Why wouldn’t David go directly to Nolan once he was free? Nolan was always on his side & Nolan was the person that he trusted to watch out for Amanda. Yet he hasn’t sought him out at all? He didn’t notice him at Emily’s when he broke in? He wouldn’t ask him what happened to Amanda?

I don’t buy it. I get that they are building up the angst, but this seems completely unreasonable.

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THIS was the moment I’ve been waiting for this season. I knew she would see her dad this episode, but this moment..when she sees Victoria and Charlotte join her dad in this moment…it’s back on and she will stop at NOTHING. Victoria took him from her once, she will go through hell to prevent her from doing it again.

I now look forward to Revenge night again.

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Aesop Interior // Genesin Studio - Rundle Street, Adelaide

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